Baby Room  (6 months - 18 months)


Our Baby Room is dedicated to meet the needs of your child.  We follow your individual routine and your requests to ensure your child's day with us is just as you want it.  We only have a maximum of 9 children in this room and three staff but usually no more than 6 children at any one time.  Larger baby rooms can be a problem as you can have a lot of crying which can be stressful to the other children.


Babies learn through sensory play and rich engagement and interaction with their carers. This is why we ensure we have a variety of activities on offer for the children that will stimulate their senses as this will give them the basis of their learning and understanding of the world. 


As children grow and begin to walk it is a gradual step to becoming more independent and we offer a slightly more structured day where the children are free to choose from the activities on offer.  We mix the babies with the toddlers as they get older and need more stimulation from older children.  We go on walks regularly and use the garden and play areas at least twice dailey depending on the weather.


We move babies through to toddlers when we think they are physcially and emotionally ready so it may be before they are two or after.  This is to insure we cater for individual needs as children all development differently.


The EYFS framework recognises that every child is an individual and caring staff count more than resources and equipment.  It guides us in creating a schedule and routine for the room that flows with your child’s needs.


At all times children are encouraged to be kind and share, it is never too early to start!


At meal times the older children are encouraged to sit at a table rather than a highchair, this is a very sociable occasion and good table manners start here!