Meal Times


It is not just important what meals we serve at nursery but how we approach the whole subject of food and make it a very positive experience.  Some children eat very little and some eat a lot, so staff have to be very tuned into the individual requirements of the children. 


Meal times are an extremely important part of the day, the children enjoy them very much as it is a very sociable occasion. 


They are prepared each day by our cook (who holds an up-to-date Food Hygiene Certificate) using fresh ingredients, free range eggs, wholemeal bread and no salt. We offer fruit, cake and yoghurt for dessert.  We have always had a food hygiene rating of 5.

Breakfast is offered to children and they have a choice of toast or cereal. We serve a two course lunch at midday and a cooked tea.  A healthy snack is offered to the children mid-morning and afternoon and drinks are available at all times and children can help themsevles. 


Any special diets, vegertarian, alergies are catered for. We understand how important it is to parents if their children have specialist diets or allergies to certain food groups.

Babies under 10 months are given baby food and we will happily adhere to any preferences you have for your baby’s meals including organic. We will happily prepare bottles if you supply us with your chosen formula milk.