Ofsted Report

We had our most recent Ofsted inspection 16th April 2019. It certainly was not a positive experience! We were graded good in teaching and learning and good for outcomes for the children and the findings are very positive. It states all our children are happy, confident and well behaved. It also states we recognise gaps in children’s development quickly and act on them and work well in partnership with other professionals with children with extra needs.


We were graded inadequate for safeguarding. We have no issues with our safeguarding procedures on a day to day basis.  We have never had any issues or any complaints regarding the safeguarding of any of our children.


We passed an audit on safeguarding from Sheffield City Council Safeguarding Early Yars Team which was done because of our rating from Ofsted with flying colours on the 25th June 2019.  


We are currently working on training staff to be able to present safeguarding information to other professionals including Ofsted as that was the crux of the problem. 


As you can imagine any issues regarding the safety of a child are very obvious and for a team of experienced staff including myself as owner and manager onsite every day things are not missed.  We wil be inspected again shortly and expect to return to at least a good rating if not oustanding.


Please feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions or issues regarding safeguarding so you can be sure we do not have any problems with this area.  If yout visit nursery I can fully explain safeguarding and how we deal with it.