Toddler Room (2 - 3 years)


A cheerful homely area for toddlers as they grow and gain more confidence with other children. We have 20 places in the Toddler Room managed by 5 staff.

There are many activities and lots of different play. We have a quiet room for story time and rest. A general play room and a messy creative room with sand, water, paints etc. There are many toys to choose from including small world, construction, games and jigsaws. The Early Years Foundation Stage plays an essential role in forming the activities for the children.

Meal times are very social occasions which they enjoy very much! They have some great conversations with each other, covering some very important matters!  We take the planning of our meals and the way we serve them very seriously, please see our meal time section for more information.

Physical play is very important as there is a lot of steam and energy to run off! The children have access to the outside play area at all times and we use the garden every day, even if the children have to dash out in between showers! If the weather is too bad to go out physical games are organised to replace outdoor play and we have a soft play area.